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Creating Positive Experiences at Work

Creating Positive Experiences at Work

I was fortunate to have the opportunity recently through my work with The Positivity Institute to facilitate a 'Positivity@Work' workshop involving approximately 80 Senior Leaders from the Retail industry across Australia and New Zealand. The focus was assisting leaders to build the skills to flourish; personally, with their teams, and clients.

Like most businesses, at times we can lose sight of our most valuable asset - our people - and this comes at a cost both to our health and to the bottom line. Whilst historically, many organisations have used performance as the primary yard-stick of success, a growing number of organisations are utilising evidence-based positive psychology interventions to enhance not only performance, but wellbeing.

Guy Russo, the CEO of department stores Kmart and Target, opened the day and among other things, spoke to the criticality of identifying meaning at work (a key positive psychology intervention); connecting day-to-day activities with a higher purpose. To demonstrate, he recalled his earlier working career at McDonald's (where he began flipping burgers and left leading the Asia Pacific group), and spoke passionately about his commitment to crafting the burgers as they were meant to be, time and time again, in order to deliver the consistent and high-quality brand experience the chain promised their customers.

Beyond connecting to a higher purpose, there are any number of other evidence-based positive psychology interventions that can be implemented at the individual, team, and organisational levels to improve performance and wellbeing. Some examples include:

1. choosing and supporting a growth and learning mindset;
2. celebrating and building upon talents and strengths; and
3. recognising the people and circumstances that give rise to positive experiences and bringing these to daily routines.

Of course, understanding how best to deploy these interventions is also critical.

If you or your organisation would like to improve your understanding of positive psychology, the specific interventions, and strategies to help you and your organisation flourish, we'd love to hear from you at www.thepositivityinstitute.com.au or www.thecareerguide.com.au

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