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TripAdvisor for jobs? It's here.

TripAdvisor for jobs? It's here.

We all know understanding your prospective employer beyond their products and services, and leveraging the knowledge and experience of your networks to achieve this, can vastly improve the likelihood of you finding an optimal job fit.

However, how do you really know what it is like to work for an employer – before you actually do?

Glassdoor, Jobadvisor, and more recently Seek, are part of a growing number of organisations offering market-generated, anonymous employer reviews. The sites not only provide important company information such as projected growth and available jobs, but also insights into past and current employee experiences. The employer reviews cover all job aspects; from culture, to leadership, and remuneration.

These sites provide invaluable job search tools, with the ability to inform not only where you apply, but how; influencing how you tailor your CV, cover letter, as well as shaping your interview and salary negotiation preparations. Brian Carroll, a Melbourne-based interview coach, reiterates the importance of drawing on information not readily available in the public domain when applying for jobs such as competitor insights in the private sector, and priority areas in the public sector.

Glass door was founded in California and now showcases reviews globally. It is one of the most popular job review sites, offering employee insights, salary information, interview questions and more. Jobadvisor is an Australian-specific review, and Seek announced a similar service offering in December.

The review sites operate using community standards to ward against an avalanche of angst from disgruntled former employees. Example practices include the manual review of each submission and to counter a potentially negative skew, current employee reviews are weighted higher than past employee reviews. Some employers are on the front foot of what's being said and for a fee, are able to profile themselves.

What is important is that job seekers draw on multiple data points for comparison when deciding on potential future employers. 

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